For instance the seller of an older home might

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Unformatted text preview: itive characteristics and understate or remain silent about the negative characteristics of the property they have for sale. In other words, there is information risk to the buyer. Seller Assertions, Information Asymmetry, and Inspector Characteristics To support the asking price, sellers typically make assertions about their property. For instance, the seller of an older home might declare that the roof is watertight, that the foundation is sound, that there is no rot or pest damage, and that the plumbing and electrical systems are in good working order. Fortunately, many sellers are honest and forthcoming, but this is not always the case. mes25435_ch01_001-032.indd 8 26/05/11 9:24 PM Confirming Pages Chapter 1 An Introduction to Assurance and Financial Statement Auditing 9 The problem is that the buyer often does not know if she or he is dealing with an honest seller or if the seller has the necessary expertise to evaluate all the structural or mechanical aspects of the property. Lacking...
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