In table 11 we have listed several characteristics we

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Unformatted text preview: the necessary expertise to validate the seller’s assertions, the buyer can logically reduce information risk by hiring a house inspector. Before moving on, imagine for a moment that you are buying a house and are wisely considering hiring an inspector. Test your intuition—what characteristics would you like your inspector to possess? In Table 1–1 we have listed several characteristics we think would be desirable. Desired Characteristics of the House Inspection Service Now that you have identified some of the characteristics of a good inspector, consider the key characteristics of the service he or she will provide. Are some of the seller’s assertions more important than others? For instance, you are probably not equally concerned with the assertions that there is no structural rot and that the lightbulbs in the bathroom are working. Depending on what you are willing to pay, the inspection could theoretically range from the extremes of driving past the house to taking the home entirely apart, board by board. How thorough do you want the inspector to be? Do you want the inspector to issue...
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