The subject matter of attest services can take many

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Unformatted text preview: utation for independence and objectivity. As a result, various users in the past requested that auditors attest to information beyond historical financial information, but traditional auditing standards did not provide for such services. The profession responded to this demand for services by establishing a separate set of attestation standards in 1986. Attestation standards provide the following definition for attest services: Attest services occur when a practitioner is engaged to issue . . . a report on subject matter, or an assertion about subject matter, that is the responsibility of another party. This definition is broader than the one previously discussed for auditing because it is not limited to economic events or actions. The subject matter of attest services can take many forms, including prospective information, analyses, systems and processes, and even the actions of specified parties. Note that financial statement auditing is a specialized form of an attest service. Assurance The accounting profess...
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