A understanding a clients system of internal control

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Unformatted text preview: a type of attest service. LO 4 1-16 Which of the following statements relating to attest and assurance services is not correct? a. Independence is an important attribute of assurance service providers. b. Assurance services can be performed to improve the quality or context of information for decision makers. c. Financial statement auditing is a form of attest service but it is not an assurance service. d. In performing an attest service, the CPA determines the correspondence of the subject matter (or an assertion about the subject matter) against criteria that are suitable and available to users. LO 6,7 1-17 For what primary purpose does the auditor obtain an understanding of the entity and its environment? a. To determine the audit fee. b. To decide which facts about the entity to include in the audit report. c. To plan the audit and determine the scope of audit procedures to be performed. d. To limit audit risk to an appropriately high level. LO 6 Which of the following statements best describes the role of materiality in a financial...
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