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Session 7 Monday, October 26, 2020Introduction to Corporate StrategyMATERIALSRequired:• Case: Reawakening the Magic: Bob Iger and the Walt Disney Co.: TheEntertainment King(HBS 717-483)• Note: Bharat Anand,Corporate Strategy Module Note(HBS 713-415)Recommended supplemental readings:• David Collis and Cynthia Montgomery,Creating Corporate Advantage(HBR)CASE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS1.Why has Disney been successful for so long?
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2.What did Bob Iger do to rejuvenate Disney?
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Unformatted text preview: - Shift of culture to a collaborative and creating one from a centralized one- New corporate strategy, focus on creativity, technology, and global expansion (BRIC countries); leverage technology and distribute content in a friendly way- Focus on technology- Reconnect with pixar/steve jobs, buy it- Online distribution of shows-Strategic acquisitions, culture stayed- Franchises 3. What issues is Disney facing today? What should Disney do to address those issues? Maintaining profitable growth, cable ecosystem with may cord- cutters, hero movies wont last forever 4. Is Disney too diversified given current technological, globalization, and shareholder activist trends? It is but is a good thing sonce it can ride the waves, look for trends and innovation 5. Should Disney increase its involvement in distribution, notably the “direct to consumer” online video streaming business? Yes and it did by launching its own service...
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