CNS_Sensory Question Set #3

A specialized end organs allow only selective

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Unformatted text preview: e visual cortex and patient sees light d) Seeing light after rubbing your eyes hard in the dark 2) Which of the following are TRUE regarding receptive fields? a) They are regions of space that activate a sensory receptor or neuron b) Large receptive fields provide higher acuity c) Receptive fields overlap to produce a population code d) A stimulus located anywhere on the receptive field of a particular sensory neuron leads to the same response 3) Which of the following are TRUE regarding mechanoreceptors? a) Specialized end organs allow only selective mechanical information to activate mechanoreceptors b) The Meissner’s corpuscle and the Pacinian corpuscle have a rapidly adapting afferent response c) The Ruffini endings provide information about the shape of an object and are in the deep layers of the skin d) Mechanical deformation causes cytoskeletal strands to pull open ion channels 4) Which of the following are F...
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