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CNS_Sensory Question Set #3

A the response of second order neurons is dependent

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Unformatted text preview: vates non- adapting afferent response c) Constant signals are more important than changes in stimuli d) Rapidly adapting afferents encode stimulus intensity e) None of the above 4) Which of the following are FALSE regarding lateral inhibition? a) The response of second order neurons is dependent upon excitatory and inhibitory signals b) Lateral inhibition is dependent on overlapping receptive fields c) Lateral inhibition sharpens sensory acuity d) Sensory neurons directly inhibit neighboring second order neurons e) It enhances the differences in first order neuron responses TYPE B - Multiple Choice Questions: 1) A, B and C are correct 2) A and C are correct 3) B and D are correct 4) D is correct 5) All or none of the above are correct 1) Which of the following is an example of the law of specific nerve energies? a) Phantom limb pain after amputation b) Burning sensation on tongue after eating a chili pepper c) Penfield electrically stimulating th...
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