Speech 1 Outline - (Jan 21 1959-A The last born of 3 kids-1...

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Comm212 Brad Zink The person I admire is my Father Attention Getter: I was four years old and barely talking. It was the day my dad gave me my first lacrosse stick. I really didn’t know what to much about it but it was the greatest thing my dad has ever done. Ever since he gave me my stick I haven’t dropped and it was the greatest thing my dad has ever done for me. Intro: My name is Brad Zink - talking about my father Thesis - My Dad is a hardworking man, a relentless worker and someone who has earned everything he has gotten Review Main Points Our great love hate relationship His upbringing How he’s worked so hard I Love/Hate Relationship - A Play lacrosse together - 1. Would shoot and play everyday after my dad got home from work - B Played video games together - C Built stuff together (Our basement, treehouse) - D School - 1. Fought about my grades II Childhood and his upbringing
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Unformatted text preview: (Jan. 21, 1959)-A The last born of 3 kids-1. The baby-2. Brothers were 10 and 12 years older-B Schooling-1. Kicked out of elementary school-2. Military School-C. College-1. Turned downed scholarship-2. Took night classes ← • III Hard-worker • A Straight to work-1. Skipped out on College to work Comm212 Brad Zink-2. Wanted to be able to support himself ← • B Hates his job-1. Keeps his job cause he has to support his family-2. Can’t stand his boss or the people at his work ← • C Constantly driven to become the best Review of points • Love/Hate Relationship • Upbringing • Hard-worker Conclusion • At the end of the day, my dad is the best. He sacrifices so much for his fam-ily that I hope that one day I can do the same. My father has taught me so much that, hopefully, I can be as great as him....
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Speech 1 Outline - (Jan 21 1959-A The last born of 3 kids-1...

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