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All Notes for CM116 Newsletter - CM116 Desktop Publishing...

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CM116 – Desktop Publishing - Project Notes Page 1 Project- Two-page newsletter. This newsletter will contain information on a subject that is of interest to you. Research is not a requirement, as long as you can construct a newsletter that is interesting, informative, well presented and can include six images. This newsletter will contain two major components: Nameplate: The Nameplate is the eye-catcher. It will draw the reader and entice the reader to read the interesting and important information that you have provided. Body: The body consists of items of interest. The stories, along with images will provide information that will peak and keep the interest of the reader. Subscription information is also an important part that must not be omitted. Along with those major components, many other parts must be taken into consideration when design a presentation for digital and print purposes. These include Font Style, Font Color, Font Size, Balance, and Use of White Space. These will be discussed in detail during this course. Nameplate- 40 Points The nameplate is the eye-catcher. It is designed to identify and entice the reader to continue reading. It should attract the readers’ interest. Parts Must Include Title - The Title is the identifier. It should peak the interest of the reader to continue. The title’s main job is to let the reader know what the newsletter is about and to get them to investigate further. The font of the title is very large. Depending on how many characters your title will use, test out font sizes and choose the best large font size and style to catch the readers’ eye. The font style is important. Try to use a font that is pleasing and easy to read. In this case, because you are using a large font size and because you are not writing several words, Script font is acceptable. Most colors can be used for the text in the nameplate; however, you need to make sure that the color you use does not bleed/blend into the background. The
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background can be solid or can contain a watermark. It is important to determine what your background will be before choosing a color for your text. CM116 – Desktop Publishing - Project Notes Page 2 Subtitle - The subtitle briefly describes the title. A smaller font is used in the text. Test this size, and then determine what size you will use depending on the size you used in your title. Make sure it is readable. Color usage applies as in the Title. Date (must be included: i.e.
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All Notes for CM116 Newsletter - CM116 Desktop Publishing...

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