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Chapter 8 Notes - GIS PIM – Geographic Information System...

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Database Applications Story of MS-DOS (disc operating system), Bill Gates, Paul Allen Database Program – data manager (information at your fingertips) Electric File Cabinet Advantages of a database: store easily oodles of information, retrieve info quickly with flexibility, organization of data, distribution in various formats Database is a collection of information stored in an organized form Database program (ACCESS) is a software tool Table – record – field Field Type (data type) – numeric, data, and computed fields List/form views Browse, query (search/select), SORT data Import/export data SQL – Structured Query Language
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Unformatted text preview: GIS, PIM – Geographic Information System – Personal Information Management DBMS – Relational Database 1970’s (Oracle) Batch Processing vs real-time (interavtive) computing Centralized vs distributed database Data Mining (page 282) Xml – for databases (query, web tool) extended makeup language Data scrubbing, CRM (page 282) – making it get better Types of database object-oriented databases, multimedia databases, natural language database Privacy issues Problems – data errors are common; data can become nearly immortal, data isn’t secure Embedded intelligence and ubiquitous computing...
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