Chapter 8 Notes

Chapter 8 Notes - GIS, PIM Geographic Information System...

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Database Applications Story of MS-DOS (disc operating system), Bill Gates, Paul Allen Database Program – data manager (information at your fingertips) Electric File Cabinet Advantages of a database: store easily oodles of information, retrieve info quickly with flexibility, organization of data, distribution in various formats Database is a collection of information stored in an organized form Database program (ACCESS) is a software tool Table – record – field Field Type (data type) – numeric, data, and computed fields List/form views Browse, query (search/select), SORT data Import/export data SQL – Structured Query Language
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Unformatted text preview: GIS, PIM Geographic Information System Personal Information Management DBMS Relational Database 1970s (Oracle) Batch Processing vs real-time (interavtive) computing Centralized vs distributed database Data Mining (page 282) Xml for databases (query, web tool) extended makeup language Data scrubbing, CRM (page 282) making it get better Types of database object-oriented databases, multimedia databases, natural language database Privacy issues Problems data errors are common; data can become nearly immortal, data isnt secure Embedded intelligence and ubiquitous computing...
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