SPREADSHEET Notes - 9 tell them what you are going to tell...

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SPREADSHEET Notes (George Beckman) Taking control of numbers! Plan The worksheet before you start entering values and formulas Make your assumption as accurate as possible Double-check every formula and value Readable formulas Check your output with other systems (Paper + Pencil) Cross-checks! Change input data values to study results Use programs functions, templates,macros Use ir as a decision-making aid not as a decision-maker CHARTS 1 choose the right type of chart (line, pie, flow) 2 keep it simple, familiar and understandable 3 try to reveal the truth, not hide it. PRESENTATIONS (George Beckman) 1 remember your goals 2 know your audience 3 outline your ideas 4 be stingy with words 5 keep it simple, stupid 6 use consistent design 7 be smart with art 8 each slide focused on one idea
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Unformatted text preview: 9 tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them. DATABASES - Files – Records – Fields – Field Type (Data Type) Numeric field Date Field Computer Field View Data – form view (one record at a time), list view (several at a time) (spreadsheet type) Database Query Sorting Data Form letters Structured query language (SQL) File manager ( one file at a time) Database management system (DBMS) Relational Database (changes are updated in all files) Real time computing (batch processing or interactive processing) Centralized database vs. distributed database Object-oriented databases Multimedia databases National language database (most advanced)...
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SPREADSHEET Notes - 9 tell them what you are going to tell...

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