Chapter 5 basic productivity applications

Chapter 5 basic productivity applications - Leading –...

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Chapter 5 basic productivity applications Doug Engelbaur – augment system; mouse Entering text, editing text, formatting the document, proof reading the document, saving the document on a disk, printing the document WYSIWYG – wisssy-wig Justification, headers, footers, style sheets, etc…. Font technology – scalable outline fonts, downloadable fonts, printer fonts Scalable Fonts – Adobe Post Script, Apple/Microsoft True Type, Open type (combo of post script and True type) Open Type – universal font format Computerized “thesaurus”; disk based spell checker (dictionary limitations/errors ad Errors of context) Grammar/Style Checker Groupware – software designed to be used by a workgroup Emerging word tools - tablet Pc, speech recognition software Destop Publishing – PC, scanner, high resolution printer, page layout software, source documents Kerning – space between each pair of letters
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Unformatted text preview: Leading – Spaceing between lines of text Rules from professional looking documents – 188-189 Types of fonts – page 189 PDF format(portable document format) – paperless publishing and web Ebook, epaper –p 194-5 Excel Speadsheet – malleable matrix, numbers rows and columns, each cell has a unique address (values, lables, formulas) Formula function, replication, auntomatic recalculation, macros, of automatic links Type of charts – pie, line, bar, stack, scatter – page 200 Spreadsheet errors page 202-3 Accounting/financial management software, statistics software, simulation software, CAD etc Computer modeling – feedback loop Simulation Rewards –safety economy protection, visualization, replication Risks –Garbage in Garbage out simplification of reality, illusion of infallibility...
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Chapter 5 basic productivity applications - Leading –...

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