Midterm1 - Music Defines My Mood I'm not in a band I don't claim to be a guru of music history I don't follow one band in particular and love

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Music Defines My Mood I’m not in a band, I don’t claim to be a guru of music history, I don’t follow one band in particular and love everything that they spew out, and I don’t even know how to play a musical instrument. What I do know is that music can easily change my mood and can enhance a mood that I am in already. The main reason I listen to music is to focus my mind. I often find it easier to focus on homework, swimming (I swim for the IIT team), or even sleeping. For example, in swimming, I always listen to at least one of my favorite Metallica songs, such as “Seek and Destroy” or “The God that Failed”, before my event come up. The heavy tones and faster pace of the music get my blood flowing and seems to speed up my pace in the water. In times when I simply want to enjoy music or pass some time, I will usually listen to Aerosmith, ACDC, or Queen and just follow the song’s lyrics and rhythm and imagine I’m seeing the band in concert. When I want to enhance the particular mood that I’m in, there always seems to be
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