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Final Questions and Terms - Final Questions and Terms...

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Final Questions and Terms. History 40, Fall 2007 Questions How and why does Max Weber’s theory of capitalism differ from Adam Smith’s and Karl Marx’s theories? Max Weber thought that capitalism was and “iron cage” for the people, enslaving them with consumerism and then forcing them to have and maintain a job in order to survive. Adam Smith thought that capitalism led the way to greater efficiency and a better life for everyone. Karl Marx thought that though capitalism was necessary to develop into communism, it was not the ultimate goal and in fact capitalism itself was flawed. Max Weber said that the problem with capitalism began when it severed its ties with religion, specifically the ties with Calvinists. This became a problem because where once hard work was a religious calling and so voluntary… What technological and social factors allowed for mass production and consumption? Technologically, development of factories and machinery allowed for greater productivity. Socially, as people moved into those factories and began to gain money in exchange for working for someone else, rather than farming or working out of their homes, they began to spend more as the money they possessed was not put back into their personal farm or business. What is first wave feminism? First wave feminism was the early women’s suffrage movement in the late 19 th and early 20 th century. The ultimate goal was women’s voting rights and equality between the sexes. What were the political, economic, and ideological motives for the new imperialism? Expansion is and has always been a major motive for imperialism and war, and in this case it is no different. England, an island nation with little in the way of natural resources, felt the need to expand in order to gain said resources and achieve an advantage over their continental European counterparts. These counterparts in turn expanded to colonies in Africa and Asia because they saw themselves as being left behind in the race for power. What role did international norms play in the colonization of Africa? Struggle for Africa, wanted to change the region. Africa was conquered by military action in mini wars. Technological changes such as the steamship and shallow draft boats, advances in weaponry and medicine made it possible. Ideologically, they wanted to bring Civilization, Christianity, commerce and human universality, and slaughtered those that did not comply with who the imperialists deemed ‘able to self-govern’ What were the main theaters of the First World War and how did they develop differently? North and Eastern Africa, France, Western Russia, and the area formerly known as the Ottoman Empire. In north and east Africa, the war was mainly of the “hit- and-run” variety, with harrying attacks on supply lines favored instead of the trench warfare seen in the western and eastern fronts. In the Ottoman Empire, things developed extremely differently, even based on where in the Ottoman
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empire the war was being fought. In the middle east, the Arab Rebellion, fueled
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Final Questions and Terms - Final Questions and Terms...

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