0 c the force constant for is 170 n m 1 set the

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Unformatted text preview: m this and ̃ . The frequency is lowered, as expected for increased masses. 12 C16O and , we get ̃ 11. Oscillator. Compute the relative populations of the five lowest vibrational states of iodine, 127I2, at thermal equilibrium at 15.0 ºC. The force constant for is 170 N m-1. (Set the relative population of the ground state to 1). The energies are ( ) ( )√ The thermal-equilibrium (Boltzmann) populations are given by ( ) With , the values for are n0 = 1.000, n1 = 0.345, n2 = 0.119, n3 = 0.0410 and n4 = 0.0142. This means that several vibrational levels are substantially populated...
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