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As formerly spartan populations become westernized

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Unformatted text preview: first-world citizens who forage only in supermarkets — especially metabolically thrifty genotypes that now predispose to type II diabetes, salt-conserving genotypes that predispose to hypertension, and other genotypes predisposing to other cardiovascular diseases and lipid disorders. As formerly spartan populations become westernized (‘coca-colonized’)64, they fall victim to these diseases of the western lifestyle, extreme examples being the 70% incidence of type II diabetes in those Nauru Islanders and Pima Indians lucky enough to survive to the age of 60 (ref. 65). Because diabetes now afflicts south Asians and Pacific Islanders already in their twenties with high morbidity and mortality, there has been detectable natural selection against the predisposing genotypes even within just recent decades. The lower frequency of type II diabetes in Europeans than in non-Europeans matched for diet and lifestyle suggests that natural selection had already reduced European frequencies of those genotypes in previous centuries, as the western lifestyle was developing in Europe. In effect, the unconscious...
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