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E wayne r k phylogenetic relationships evolution and

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Unformatted text preview: . 59. Zilhão, J. Radiocarbon evidence for maritime pioneer colonization at the origins of farming in West Mediterranean Europe. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA 98, 14180–14185 (2001). 60. Martin, P. S., & Klein, R. G. Quaternary Extinctions (Univ. Arizona Press, Tucson, 1984). 61. Spinnage, C. The Natural History of Antelopes (Fax on File, New York, 1986). 62. Vilà, C. et al. Multiple and ancient origins of the domestic dog. Science 276, 1687–1689 (1997). 63. Vilà, C., Maldonado, J. E. & Wayne, R. K. Phylogenetic relationships, evolution, and genetic diversity of the domestic dog. J. Hered. 90, 71–77 (1999). 64. Zimmet, P. Globalization, coca-colonization and the chronic disease epidemic: can the Doomsday scenario be averted? J. Intern. Med. 247, 301–310 (2001). 65. Dowse, G. K., Zimmet, P. Z., Finch, C. F. & Collins, V. R. Decline in incidence of epidemic glucose intolerance in Nauruans: implications for the “thrifty genotype”. Am. J. Epidemiol. 133, 1093–1104 (1991). 66. Amos, A., McCarthy, D. & Zimm...
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