For example cows were domesticated independently in

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Unformatted text preview: mestications in western and more eastern parts of Eurasia are now available for all of the ‘big five’ domesticated mammals (cow, sheep, goat, pig and horse), plus one of the ‘minor nine’ (water buffalo)46–54. For example, cows were domesticated independently in the Fertile Crescent (yielding modern humpless cows), in the Indian subcontinent (yielding modern humped Zebu cows) and in North Africa46,50,53. I suggest the following hypothesis to explain predominantly single domestications of Fertile Crescent founder crops, but multiple domestications of Eurasian livestock and many New World crops. Except for barley and flax, the wild ancestors of the Fertile Crescent founder crops had restricted geographic ranges confined to the area between modern Turkey and western Iran, while chickpea was even more narrowly restricted, to southeastern Turkey. Those small geographic ranges, plus the rapid spread of domesticates along Eurasia’s east–west axis, meant that, once a wild plant had been domesticated, it spread so rapidly that further independent domestications of the same or related species were pre-empted. The large...
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