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History of domestication of particular species and

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Unformatted text preview: e this problem, I suggest attempting to assign one or more of the six traits derailing domestication to each of the non-domesticated large mammal species of Eurasia and Africa, then evaluating the environmental factors behind the evolution of that trait. History of domestication of particular species and strawberries), their value is insignificant compared to that of ancient domesticates such as wheat and rice. Our best hopes for valuable new domesticates lie in recognizing the specific difficulties that previously derailed domestication of particular valuable wild species, and using modern science to overcome those difficulties. For instance, now that we understand the polygenic control of non-bitterness in acorns, perhaps we could use that knowledge to select for oaks with non-bitter acorns, just as ancient farmers selected for non-bitterness controlled by a single gene in almonds. I am concerned, however, that such attempts may in the long run do us more harm than good. Humanity’s greatest risk today is of our growing numbers and aspirati...
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