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Might the rise of molecular biology genetics and

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Unformatted text preview: 0 years ago. How can the molecular data and the morphological data be reconciled? The Future of domestication Further domestications of plants and animals We humans today depend for our survival on that tiny fraction of wild species that has been domesticated. Might the rise of molecular biology, genetics and understanding of animal behaviour help feed our growing numbers by increasing that tiny fraction? Modern science has indeed made it technically possible to ‘domesticate’ species undomesticable in the past, in the sense that we achieve far more draconian control over the captive breeding of endangered California condors (computer-matched for mating to maximize genetic diversity) than the low-tech control that ancient animal breeders exerted over their livestock. But although this ‘domestication’ is of great interest to conservation biologists, it holds no promise of a condor industry to displace chicken from the supermarkets. What wild species might now be domesticated with profit? It is instructive to...
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