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Only when crop and animal breeders take the lead in

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Unformatted text preview: ons ultimately destroying our society by destroying our environment. Providing undernourished people with more food would be a laudable goal if it were inexorably linked to reducing our numbers, but in the past more food has always resulted in more people. Only when crop and animal breeders take the lead in reducing our numbers and our impacts will they end up by doing us net good. Further domestication of humans The history of domestication is much better understood for domesticates of western Eurasia than of other parts of world. Taking Zohary & Hopf ’s9 account of western Eurasian plant domestication as a gold standard, it will be a challenge to workers on other biotas to match that standard. Even for western Eurasia, important unanswered questions abound. To mention only one out of dozens, calculation of molecular divergence times between dogs and wolves suggests that domestication of wolves began around 100,000 years ago62,63, yet the marked morphological differences between wolves and dogs (which should be easily detectable in fossilized skeletons) do not appear until about 11,00...
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