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Second zebras have better peripheral vision than

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Unformatted text preview: re zoo-keepers each year than do tigers. Second, zebras have better peripheral vision than horses, making them impossible even for professional rodeo cowboys to lasso (they see the rope coming and flick away their head). Among wild mammal species that were never domesticated, the six main obstacles proved to be a diet not easily supplied by humans (hence no domestic anteaters), slow growth rate and long birth spacing (for example, elephants and gorillas), nasty disposition (grizzly bears and rhinoceroses), reluctance to breed in captivity (pandas and 702 Food production bestowed on farmers enormous demographic, technological, political and military advantages over neighbouring hunter–gatherers. The history of the past 13,000 years consists of tales of hunter–gatherer societies becoming driven out, infected, conquered or exterminated by farming societies in every area of the world suitable for farming. One might therefore have naively anticipated that, in any part of the world, one or more of the local hunter–gatherer societies would have stumbled upon domestication, become farmers, and thereby outco...
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