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Unformatted text preview: production As already noted, the spread of agriculture from its homelands involved in a few cases the acquisition of domesticates by hunter–gatherers outside the homelands, and in more cases the spread of farmers themselves from the homelands. The contributions of these two processes await resolution in many other cases. For example, contrary to what I wrote five years ago1, the spread of farming in coastal west Mediterranean Europe (in the form of the Cardial and impressed ware cultures) now seems to have involved the rapid transport by sea of a complete package of Neolithic domesticates around 5400 BC by colonizing pioneer farmers59. The Yayoi horizon, which marks the arrival of intensive rice agriculture in Japan, and which Japanese scholars until recently preferred to view as an adoption of mainland practices by the indigenous pre-existing Japanese population, now seems increasingly likely on genetic evidence to represent the arrival, population increase and spread of Korean farmers33. Why large domestic mammals were mainly Eurasian Part of the reason why large domestic mammals were mainly Eurasian is simply that Eurasia, being the largest cont...
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