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0 phase diagrams supercritical fluid crical

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Unformatted text preview: first order phase transi+on. •  These are the transiFons we’re studying There are other types of phase transi+ons: glass, polymers etc. You’ll See This Again (and again) Clausius - Clapeyron Eqn. −ΔH vap Single T : ln Pvap = + ln β RT β depends on the gas Two Ts : (C − CEqn1 ) − (C − CEqn 2 ) ȹ P2 ȹ −ΔH vap ȹ 1 1 ȹ lnȹ ȹ = ȹ − ȹ RT ȹ T2 T1 Ⱥ ȹ P1 Ⱥ Use to calculate a phase boundary. Flow the heat (ΔHvap) Enthalpy of vaporiza+on A( l) → A( g) ΔH vap kJ =X mol DHvap decreases with increasing T. € A runner generates 280w. How much water will he/she sweat in one hour? J kJ 280 * 3600 s = 100 8 kJ s 1000 J 100 8 kJ 18 gH 2O * = 420 g kJ mo...
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