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Maya12-AAutodeskMaya 2012 Certified Associate
QUESTION:26Identify the Tumble camera Icon in the images below.B
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QUESTION:27What will a Dmap shadow do that a Raytrace Shadow will not? A Dmap shadow will...B
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QUESTION:28Which of the following is NOT a type of Flexor?12
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Reference:he_ViewCube.htm,topicNumber=d0e70082QUESTION:29Which is the correct method to make the current transformations on the selected object be the
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Unformatted text preview:object's zero position A. Edit>Delete option B. Modify>Freeze Transformations option. C. Modify>Delete Attribute Transformations option. D. Skeleton>OrientJoint>Freeze Transformations option Answer: B Reference: (step7) QUESTION: 30 To control a Soft Body simula-tion that is out of hand, you can... A. use Springs to control the simulation if it gets erratic B. use a Pin Constraint to 'pin down' the particles that act erratically during the simulation C. use an nDynamics solver to control the simulation D. use rigid bodies and convertsthem to soft bodies. Answer: B 13 For More exams visit http s :// /vendors-exam-list Kill your exam at First Attempt .... Guaranteed!