Chapter 15 � Education

Chapter 15 â�� Education - • Educational trends in...

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Sociology 11/13/07 Chapter 15 – Education Education: a set of processes which are specifically and purposely designed toward inducing learning Knowledge/skills/training: occupational roles/specializations 3 things o Functions of education in society o Effects of education on social class o Organization of education Social functions of education o Cultural transmission: 1) transmission of cultural knowledge (academic activities) 2) transmission of attitudes and values 3) social integration -same language -bond common experience -nationalistic and patriotic feelings 4) innovation (discoveries/research/new ideas) Effects of ed. On society o Educational level and social class o Effect of ed on social values and attitudes Education tends to make people more tolerant More democratic More politically and culturally involved Education decreases prejudice against racial/ethnic minorities
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Unformatted text preview: • Educational trends in Us o More & more ppl are getting more years of education o Educational attainment of current labor force is increasing (# of ppl gainfully employed/# of ppl capable of working but are unemployed) o Mass education o Changes in curriculum programs • Organizational structure of education o Primary and secondary school (private/public) • Selecting and teaching social roles o Career goals o Teach various subject matter occupational roles o Employment opportunities • Higher education o To what extent do colleges and universities control students? o To what extent should students control the university? • Student protests in the 1960’s o Vietnam war o Women’s lib o Civil rights movement o Hippie movement o Student protest (1967)...
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Chapter 15 â�� Education - • Educational trends in...

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