Ghalophiles egthermophiles domain bacteria domain

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Unformatted text preview: ingdom Archaebacteria Includes Extremophiles e.g. Methanogens e.g. Halophiles e.g. Thermophiles Domain Bacteria Domain Kingdom: Eubacteria Simplest organisms Smallest Oldest (3.5 BYA) Originated in an anaerobic environment (i.e. without O2) Bacteria Are Everywhere Human body composition: 10 trillion human cells 100 trillion bacterial cells Bacterial species living in human: 5,000—35,000 species in the intestine 300­­500 species in the mouth 120 species on the skin Exist as parasites Exist as mutualists Exist as commensals Evolutionary Sequence Evolutionary Prokaryotes Reproduction in Prokaryotes Reproduction Binary fission Genetic Exchange in bacteria bacteria Conjugation Pili attachment Conjugation Conjugation Remember This? This? And This? Variability in Prokaryotes via Variability Mutation—high rate/unit time because of high speed of reproduction. Conjugation DNA is transferred Transduction between organisms Horizontal Gene Transfer Transformation Horizontal Gene Transfer Horizontal Bacteria sp1 Bacteria Bacteria Fish Bacteria Bacteria Bacteria sp2 Fungi (yeast) Plants Bacteria...
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