2 after a few minutes3 he came out wearing his

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Unformatted text preview: oncreteness, length, etc Use the same words in related and unrelated contexts - swapped from other stories Left Hemisphere “Before going to the wedding, John was sitting around in his jeans,1 so he went to his bedroom to find something.2 After a few minutes,3 he came out wearing his tuxedo,4 which had belonged to his father5, but was still fashionable and looked like new.” Brain & Language, 2000 Priming: Inference (change) faster than Unrel (cut) Right Hemisphere RH semantic processing and inferences: Converging evidence RHD patients have difficulty drawing inferences - Patient DB (and others) - poor inference Qs, good at fact Qs - Less inference-priming, even at later point Inference-related priming occurs earlier for words presented to the lvf-RH than for words presented to the rvf-LH. RH semantic processing and inferences RHD patients have difficulty drawing inferences, show no priming Inference-related priming lvf-RH > rvf-LH – Drawing inferences optimally involves semantic activation of inference concept, earlier or more in RH – Later selection, perhaps in LH Asymmetric dynamic semantic fields:  relatively coarser coding in RH; better selection in LH Left Hemisphere Right Hemisphere RULER foot TOES foot CUT Small but strongly activated; Focused on dominant or contextually relevant concepts - easy to select, interpret, output Large but weakly activated; Diffuse, including se...
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