Rhd patients have difculty drawing inferences

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Unformatted text preview: condary and less relevant concepts - hard to select, output RH semantic processing and inferences foot foot glass glass pain pain LH fine semantic coding: Strong activation good for selection and integration/ incorporation when inference completed. RHD patients have difficulty drawing inferences Inference-related priming lvf-RH > rvf-LH Neuroimaging RH coarse semantic coding: Increased likelihood of semantic overlap for distant semantic relations, supporting inferences Subtractive logic Brain activity when people draw inferences indexed by fMRI Inference: Contrast tasks of increasing complexity Adding a component process = add a neural process (brain area)?? … John was going to a wedding, but he had been sitting around the house in his jeans, so he went to his bedroom to find something. Soon he came out wearing his tuxedo, * … Explicit: …went to his bedroom to change his clothes. Soon he came out wearing his tuxedo ,* … - High baseline, ongoing stories; - small input difference (or none, at *) Semantic integration at moment of implied events: Predominantly RH aSTG Virtue et al., 2006 Semantic integration at event point: Bilateral? anterior Superior Temporal Gyrus L R" L Replication… with a twist Post " Ant L R" Lower (ns) threshold, selected for LH STG At coherence break: -  bilateral posterior temporal & inferior frontal activation; -  greater for infe...
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