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reflective essay

reflective essay - 1 Kerri Malloy Communication Studies...

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1 Kerri Malloy Communication Studies Communication studies is a newly emerging area of study that brings endless opportunities to those who may graduate with this specific degree. There are several aspects of this field that are primarily focused on. After these specific areas are studied and the general ideas are grasped, in addition to the details, these then lead individuals into many different path ways. Considering how open ended this field is, all of these opportunities become possible. A few of the closely related topics in the area of communication studies include interpersonal and organizational communication, rhetorical aspect, performance studies, and media and film studies. Although these seem they are four very different aspects of this major, each one requires much of the same knowledge; it just needs to be applied in different ways for each portion. Interpersonal communication is focusing on the one-on-one conversations between people, as well as the conversations among small groups. As for organizational communication, it focuses on interactions between large groups. Both of these require studying both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication to come to conclusions. As for the rhetoric aspect, this focuses more on persuasion and argument among people. This is usually studied in a social setting and generally relates to politics. Performance studies looks at the relationships among a society and everyday life and how they relate or differ from literature and theater. Lastly, media and film explores the cultural and societal influences of film and television, as well as technology. With communication being such a broad area of study, it leads into these precise approaches to this specified major.
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2 Kerri Malloy Communication Studies One of the most beneficial things about this area of study is that it can become of interest to such a broad range of people, since many occupations can result from a communication studies degree. It could start with an occupation in advertising. This could lead into an advertising or marketing specialist, copy writer, account executive, sales manager, media planner, and plenty of other areas of interest. Another career path could be communication education. This can be taught at all levels; elementary and secondary,
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reflective essay - 1 Kerri Malloy Communication Studies...

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