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chpt 19 pop ecol

chpt 19 pop ecol - Sociology <3 Chapter 19 Population...

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Sociology 11/27/07 <3 Chapter 19 Population & Ecology Demography o The study of size, composition, distribution of population, changes therein and the components of changes which can be identified. o Fertility birth o Mortality death o Migration movement of ppl from one place to another Morbidity: amount of illness or disease in a given population Size: # of people in a given area at a given time Distribution: how the population is distributed in a given geographic area Density: # of people living in per sq. mile area Father of demography: Robert Thomas Malthus; wrote Essay on Population , published 1798; “Malthusian Theory of Population” British demographer: John Graunt “Malthusian Theory of Population” – theory is that population increases in geometric progression and food supply increases in arithmetic progression. … if pattern of growth continues then population is likely to double every 25 years.
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