Sociology 101807 deviance

Sociology 101807 deviance - Sociology Social Functions of...

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Sociology 10/18/07 Social Functions of Deviance (positive) Defined: It helps a social system to function and change in a desired manner. It can help to clarify and define social norms. Can increase group solidarity (suggested by G.H. Mead): ie-inmates, criminal groups, terrorist groups, drug addicts group Can bring about needed change in a social system: ie-Civil Rights Movement Makes conformity seem more desirable: ie-cheating on income tax report, you will get rewarded if you don’t; therefore conforming to the norms/laws is desired Social Dysfunctions of Deviance (negative) *If deviance is long-term and wide-spread it can have significant effects on society.* May weaken people’s motivation to conform.: ie-if someone who cheats/doesn’t do work gets the same recognition as someone who does do work/not cheat… Makes life unpredictable and dangerous. Social disorganization- breakdown of social institutions. What causes deviance? Why do people break laws? …Explanations (theories or perspectives on deviance and crimes) 1. Biological – biological traits 2. Psychological – personality problems 3. Sociological – social environment BIOLOGICAL…. Criminals were biologically less evolved than law abiding citizens. Sugg. By
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Sociology 101807 deviance - Sociology Social Functions of...

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