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chem ch12 and 13

chem ch12 and 13 - Rate= k[A x[B y(Rate 2 rate 1 = conc 2...

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L E increases w/ ion charge & decreases with increase in distance between ions -for small anions, the dominating factor is L E H E is greatest for small ions of high charge -for large anions, the dominating factor is H E . S=K H P A M= moles solute/L solvent m=moles solute/kg solvent X=mole of component/total moles of solution P A =P A o X A Vpl > X B P A =P A o -P A T BP = (K BP )(m c ) T FP = (K FP )(m c ) / ~ /=M c RT Rate= delta [conc]/ delta time
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Unformatted text preview: Rate= k[A] x [B] y (Rate 2/ rate 1) = ( conc 2/ conc 1) x Zero order : rate= k [A] rate=k [A] t = -k(delta t) + [A] First order : rate= k[A] 1 log ([A] t /[A] )= - kt/ 2.303 T 1/2 = .693/k for first order reactions Log (K 2 /K 1 )= (Ea/ 2.303 R) [ T 2-T 1 /T 1 T 2 ] Endo- delta H +, exo- delta H-...
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