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Unformatted text preview: J a cks on’s Fa ith in the “Common Ma n” “Common 3 Intense distrust of Eastern “establishment,” monopolies, & “establishment,” special privilege. special 3 His heart & soul was with the “plain folk.” 3 Belief that the common man was Belief capable of uncommon achievements. achievements. The Re ign of “King Mob” Mob” Andre w J a cks on a s P re s ide nt The “P e ggy Ea ton Affa ir” Affa The We bs te r-Ha yne De ba te De Sen. Daniel Sen. Webster Webster [MA] Sen. Robert Sen. Hayne Hayne [SC] 1830 1 830 Webster: Webster Liberty and Union, now and Liberty forever, one and inseparable. Jackson: Jackson Our Federal Union—it must be Our preserved. Calhoun: Calhoun The Union, next to our liberty, The most dear. 1832 Ta riff Conflict 1 832 3 1828 --> “Tariff of Abomination” 3 1832 --> new tariff 3 South Carolina’s reaction? 3 Jackson’s response? 3 Clay’s “Compromise” Clay’s Tariff? Tariff India n Re mova l India 3 Jackson’s Goal? 3 1830 Indian Removal Act 1830 Indian 3 Cherokee Nation v. GA (1831) (1831) * “domestic dependent nation” 3 Worcester v. GA (1832) (1832) 3 Jackson: John...
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