The che roke e na tion afte r 1820 afte india n re

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Unformatted text preview: Marshall has made his John decision, now let him enforce it! The Che roke e Na tion Afte r 1820 Afte India n Re mova l India Tra il of Te a rs (1838Tra 1839) J a cks on’s P rofe s s e d “Love ” for “Love Na tive Ame rica ns J a cks on’s Us e of Fe de ra l P owe r Fe VETO 1830 Maysville Road project 1830 Maysville project in KY [state of his political rival, Henry Clay] The Na tiona l Ba nk De ba te De Nicholas Biddle President Jackson Oppos ition to the 2 O ppos B.U.S . B.U.S “Soft” (paper) $ 3 3 state bankers felt it restrained their banks from issuing bank notes freely. supported rapid supported economic growth & speculation. speculation. nd “Hard” (specie) $ 3 felt that coin was felt the only safe the currency. 3 didn’t like any bank that issued bank notes. 3 suspicious of suspicious expansion & expansion speculation. The “Mons te r” Is De ? 3 “pet De s troye d! banks” 3 1832 Jackson vetoed the 1832 extension of the 2nd National Bank of the United States. 3 1836 the charter expired. 1836 3 1841 the bank went 1841 bankrupt! The Downfa ll of “Mothe r...
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