The s pe cie circula r 1836 c ircula 3 wildcat banks 3

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Unformatted text preview: Ba nk” “Mothe An 1 832 Ca rtoo Ca n: “King 1 832 Ele ction Re s ults Re Main Issue? The S pe cie Circula r (1836) C ircula 3 “wildcat banks.” 3 buy future federal land only with gold or silver. 3 Jackson’s goal? R e s ults of the S pe cie $ Banknotesircula r value. Circula C loose their $ Land sales plummeted. $ Credit not available. $ Businesses began to fail. $ Unemployment rose. The Panic of 1837! The 1836 Ele ction Re s ults Re Martin Van Buren “Old Kinderhook” [O. K.] The P a nic of 1837 S pre a ds Quickly! Andre w J a cks on in Re tire me nt Re P hoto of Andre w J a cks on in 1844 (one ye a r be fore his de a th) 1767 - 1845...
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