Lecture 5- typed (october 3)

Lecture 5- typed (october 3) - Lecture #5 Pg. 74: is about...

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Lecture #5 Pg. 74: is about cloning -there is a huge scandal in the world of cloning, and Whang has been exposed as a fraud….he lost his license to practice cloning. However, his work was groundbreaking. But….it’s not true…. .(our teacher is a freak) What the bleep do the people made wat the bleep do we know? Small details: There are not billions of receptors on a cell. . maybe thousands Communication between neurons is not an electrical storm but a chemical flood The movie as a whole is about neuroscience, quantum mechanics, and spirituality. There are problems in each domain, so I’m making no claims as to the overall message of the movie. Message #1: Our minds are biological entities, and therefore even our most intimate, personal profound and sacred aspects can be reduced to biological systems Problem: the movie is overly focused on the mind as a process of chemical dependency for e.g the role of peptides for determining This isn’t true. The broad contours of emotional experience are determined chemically. (positive or negative effect), and there are chemical signatures for some emotions (but is debated) The spec. manifestation of these emotions depends on a large amount of cortical
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Lecture 5- typed (october 3) - Lecture #5 Pg. 74: is about...

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