Lecture 6 (october 5) - Lecture #6 A final though on the...

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Lecture #6 A final though on the pre front cortex: Throughout history and still today, people differentiate between The rational person who bases decisions and actions on thoughts, logics, cost- benefit analysis, max utility The emotion person who is passionate, unstable, turbulent, impulsive, irrational Becoming mature is to become more like a Vulcan? Human vs Animal? However the dualism is also breaking down Thoughts and emotion cannot be separated and the PFC has a lot to do with why this is, marrying within our brains the ration and emotional Keep in mind as you go through psych watch for other examples of the intertwined nature of cognition and emotion. This is one of the leading edges of the field. Important for understanding sensation: Who is in control? PFC research is inspiring, suggesting that we have immense control over who we are But on the other hand, much of our experience is crafted for us by the environment, without us even realizing it! And much of our behavior is caused without our consent Unconscious processing E.g.: if you see a bird, you are primed to think of and recognize nests, wings, trees, eggs, etc… Judgments of other people work similarly… remember the “Donald story”? (The one that pushed the other one) Our judgments of other people can be pushed around by what we see around us And Behaviors are susceptible to unconscious influence! e.g.: Prime “rudeness” or “politeness” through sentence-unscrambling task RUDE condition: aggressively, bold rude, bother disturb, intrude, annoyingly, interrupt POLITE condition: respect honour considerate, appreciate cordially polite courteous NEUTRAL condition: exercising, flawlessly, occasionally, gleefully, normally, prepares, send Experiment #2 E.g. Prime “elderly” or “neutral” through sentence- unscrambling task ELDERLY condition: old grey wise bingo Florida Wrinkle
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Lecture 6 (october 5) - Lecture #6 A final though on the...

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