Lecture 7 (october 10) - Lecture 7 (October 10th) The...

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Lecture 7 (October 10 th ) The beginnings of behaviourism : Learning Early 1900’s a resistance to the dominant paradigms in psychology of the day: introspection and Freudian psychoanalysis. People started to try to make psychology more scientific, experimental. They bagan to focua only on Ivan Pavlov: Won a Nobel Prize on digestive system. Prize winning physiologist. Study on dogs he notice they began salivating even before being presented with the “meat powder” This lead him to realization that he could study how animals learned about their environment Because he could observe the process of learning thru how it affected behaviour, he could study it. So he spent the next 30 years studying how animals were conditioned by the environment around them Unfortunately, he also invented a very difficult to remember language to describe his theory of conditioning Unconditioned Stimulus= the stimulus that the animal will naturally respond to (e.g., meat powder) Unconditioned response= the response (salivating) Condition stimulus= the new neutral stimulus that is paired with the US. Conditioned Response=the response (e.g., salivating, usually not as powerful) Hours later…students tested the stimuli Pavlov works had lead to an enormously productive research lab in Russia Acquisition (CS-US pairings), what its learned Extinction (CS alone), take away the thing that makes the dog salivate and see how long the dogs continues to salivate
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First spontaneous recovery (Cs alone), he then jumps back to salivating after a period of time Second Spontaneous recovery (CS alone), after another time period there’s not a lot of recovery
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Lecture 7 (october 10) - Lecture 7 (October 10th) The...

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