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Politics Vocabulary - 11. Balance of power what one does,...

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Politics Vocabulary 1. Political culture – the ways and means that a country behaves politically 2. Polyarchy – government by the many (USA was the first in the world); one society that is more democratic than others 3. Monarchy – rulership by one person 4. Oligarchy – rulership by a few 5. Democracy (demos-kratia) – rulership by all 6. Polygamy – plural wives 7. Polyandry – plural husbands 8. Politics – a human relationship which involves influence and power 9. Influence situations – situations in which you stand to do something to get what you want 10. Power situations – stand to do something in which you may lose something; very coercive (little or no influence of choice)
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Balance of power what one does, the other does; distribution of power equally 12. Statesman the person who knows what political resources to use in certain situations 13. Private politics conflicts between people on an individual basis 14. Rule of behavior 15. Politicized matters of public concern 16. Public politics involve a lot of people 17. Government to make rules of behavior ( laws ) binding on everyone in society 18. FOIA Freedom of Information Act (1967, 1978, 1992) 19. Majority Rule all conflicts over the policies of government are settled by a majority of citizens or voters....
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