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1. The second law of thermodynamics is that organized systems tend toward a random configuration (i.e. state of dissolution). 2. Stereoisomers are isometric molecules whose atomic connectivity is the same but whose atomic arrangement in space is different. The difference between optical isomes and steroisomers is that optical isomers are stereoisomers which differ ub their action on polarized light. 3. The difference between heterotrophs and autotrophs are that heterotrophs use already
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Unformatted text preview: existing organic molecules in their surroundings as a soucre of energy while autotrophs can sytnesize organic molecules from simple inorganic ones. 4. They use L-amino acids and D-simple sugars in terms of optical activity. 5. Proteinoids are synthetic protein-like polymers, while proteins are organic compounds existing in strings of polymers....
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