discreet and blatant charms reply to doise clmence

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Unformatted text preview: représentations sociales 150 Fraser, C.: Attitudes, Social Representations and Widespread Beliefs 13 Fraser, C.: Discreet and Blatant Charms (Reply to Doise, Clémence, Lorenzi-Cioldi, Gaskell and Farr) 37 Galli, I. & Fasanelli, R.: The Social Representation of Poverty: a Naples Pilot Study 122 Gaskell, G.: Survey Research and Consensuality: Statistical and Natural Groups (Discussion of C. Fraser) 29 Grize, J.-B.: A propos de l'article de M. Fournier, M.-N. Schurmans et P. R. Dasen 164 Guerin, B.: Using Social Representations to Negotiate the Social Practices of Life – Commentary on the Paper by C. P. de Sá 174 Jovchelovitch, S.: Comment on M. Banchs' "Desconstruyendo una desconstrucción…" 222 Michit, R.: Représentations sociales, jugements et mémorisation: trois recherches éxperimentales 106 Moliner, P.: L'étude éxperimentale des processus représentationnels – Commentaire de l'article de R. Michit 118 Parker, I.: Deconstructing Representations and Representations of Deconstruction: on Moscovici Again, and Banchs 215 Ramos, J.-M.: La méthode des spécifités appliquées aux objectivation du temps représenté 75 Ramos, J.-M.: Reponses aux réactions de P. Vergés 212 Valencia, J. F. & Elejabarrieta, F.: Rationality and Social Representations: Some Notes on the Relationship between Rational Choice Theory and Social Representations Theory 167 Valencia, J. F.: Children and Poverty – Some Comments on I. Galli & R. Fasanelli 129 Vergés, P., Tyszka, T. & Vergés, P.: Noyau central, saillance et propriétés structurales 3 Vergés, P.: Réaction à l'article de J.-M. Ramos 85 Wagner, W.: Speaking Is Acting Is Representation – Comments on the Reply by A. Echebarría 198 Witte, E. H.: The Social Representation as a Consensual System and Correlation Analysis 47 O ngoing Discussion D ECONSTRUCTING R EPRESENTATIONS AND R EPRESENTATIONS OF D ECONSTRUCTION : O N M OSCOVICI AGAIN , A ND BA N C H S Ian Parker The Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom Abstract: This paper responds to Banchs' (1994) critique of my deconstruction of the Social Representations Theory (SRT) literature in Britain (Parker, 1989). Banchs identifies some ambiguities in that deconstruction, and offers some useful corrective elaborations of some of the more progressive aspects of SRT. Nevertheless, Banchs' critique should be understood as an interpretation of the theory as it is represented in a particular context, and my original deconstruction should be read as it applies to the dominant representation of the theory in another. María Banchs (1994) provides a robust defence of Social Representations Theory (SRT) against my critique (Parker, 1989), and marshalls a number of useful quotes from Moscovici and colleagues to support her characterization of the theory as thoroughly social and politically progressive. Something of the context for my critique, and for the reception of SRT in social psychology, is lost along the way, however and Banchs slips, at points, form a simple rebuttal of my attack into a defence of what Moscovici really intends (or what Banchs would want him to intend). This is unfortunate, because the context is c...
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