Central nervous system spinal cord the spinal cord is

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Unformatted text preview: entral Nervous System Spinal Cord The spinal cord is composed of grey and white matter (Spinal Cord 1). The grey matter is composed of nerve cell bodies and in a cross-sectional cut appears as a darker stained "H"-like central area. The white matter, composed entirely of axonal projections, surrounds the grey matter and is lighter staining (Spinal Cord 2). Brain Like the spinal cord, the brain is composed of areas of grey and white matter. In some areas an addition outer gray layer is present. We will study two regions of the brain, in which this additional grey matter has a distinct morphology. Cerebral Cortex Starting at the surface of the cortex and moving inward, you can identify the first three layers of cell bodies (Cerebral Cortex 1 ): (1) superficial molecular layer, containing only a few small cell bodies; (2) outer granular layer, containing small round cell bodies; (3) pyramidal cell layer, containing cell bodies triangular in shape (Cerebral Cort...
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