The capillaries are covered by a layer of simple

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Unformatted text preview: ventricles (Choroid Plexus 1). The capillaries are covered by a layer of simple cuboidal epithelium, the ependymal cells, which also surround the ventricular space (Choroid Plexus 2). Peripheral Nervous System Nerve Fibers Axonal projections travel in bundles through the body. These bundles are encapsulated in fibroconnective tissue in a manner similar to that seen in muscle tissue. Entire nerve bundles are surrounded by the epineurium (Nerve Bundle 1). Branching from the epineurium and dividing the nerve bundle into fascicles is the perineurium (Nerve Bundle 2). Finally each individual axon is surropunded by the endoneurium (Nerve Bundle 3). Observed in cross section, in a routine H & E preparation, a clear a...
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