These cell types can also be distinguished in nerves

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Unformatted text preview: nerve processes (Nerve Bundle 4 ). These cell types can also be distinguished in nerves cut in longitudental section (Nerve Bundle 5). Fibroblasts contain darker stained nuclei when compared to Schwaan cells (Nerve Bundle 6). Ganglions Usually more than one nerve is needed to reach from the CNS to or from the peripheral effector organs. These chains of nerve fibers interconnect in structures called ganglions (Ganglion 1). Within the ganglion very large cells are visible. These are the cell bodies of the neurons (Ganglion 2). Within the cell body you should be able to see the Nissl substance, an accumulation of the basophilic stain of ribosomes (Ganglion 3). The cell bodies are supported by small surrounding cells ca...
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