13 in which is an effect of awgn sequence let the

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Unformatted text preview: µ and ÀÊ ´ µ are LTI filters, they can be combined and represented by an equivalent digital ½ . The LTI filter. Denote its transfer function by À ´Þ µ and its impulse response by ½ result is the discrete time-linear filter model shown in Figure 4.11, in which the output sequence Á ¼ is given by Á¼ Á Á ¼· 4.10 ·Ò Á ·Ò (4.16) Wong & Lok: Theory of Digital Communications Ik ’ H(z) Ik 4. ISI & Equalization Equalizer Decision nk Figure 4.11: Equivalent discrete-time communication system model with colored noise HW ( z ) EQZ Figure 4.12: Typical equalizer ¼ for some In general, ¼. Therefore, ISI is present. Notice that the noise sequence Ò consists of samples of the colored Gaussian noise (AWGN filtered by ÀÊ ´ µ), and is not white in general. ¯ Usually, the equalizer consists of two parts, namely, a noise-whitening digital filter ÀÏ ´Þ µ and an equalizing circuit that equalizes the noise-whitened output as shown in Figure 4.12. The ÀÏ ´Þ µ is to “whiten” the noise sequence so that the noise samples are uncorrelated....
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