The order of complexity of the maximization reduces

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Unformatted text preview: itted sequence. From the results in Section 2.5.3, we know that the ML estimator of the bit sequence à à à ½ ¼ (4.60) up to time ´Ã · ½µÌ is Ã Ö Ö Defining ÝÒ ¾ à ½ ÑÒ Ö´Øµ Ø Ò Ú ´Ø ÒÌ µ à ½ Ò¼ à ½ ½ ½ Ã Ú´Ø ÒÌ µ ¾ Ø ÑÜ Ö´Øµ Ò Ú ´Ø ÒÌ µ Ø ¾ ½ Ò ¼ Ò Ã ½ Ò¼ Ö £ Ú ´ÒÌ µ and ÜÒ Ú £ Ú ´ÒÌ µ, we can write the metric as Ü´ÒÌ µ ô õ Ã Ò (4.61) ¼ Ò ÝÒ ½ ¾ Ã Ò Ã ¼Ñ ¼ Ò Ñ ÜÒ Ñ (4.62) Then the MLS receiver, which is depicted in Figure 4.16, decides Ã Ö Ñ Ü Ã´ õ à (4.63) In order to make the decision, the MLS receiver has to check all the ¾Ã sequences to find the one 8 9 We cannot decide the future symbols until we have observed them. Ironically, although our goal is to combat ISI, there is no interference in this interpretation. 4.20 Wong & Lok: Theory of Digital Communications 4. ISI & Equalization @t=nT r(t) ~ v(t) Calculate metrics Select largest ^ bK Figure...
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