This lowpass ltering smears the transmitted signal in

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Unformatted text preview: the bandlimited channel for which the ´Øµ is that of an ideal lowpass filter. This lowpass filtering smears the transmitted signal in time causing the effect of a symbol to spread to adjacent symbols when a sequence of symbols are transmitted. The resulting interference, intersymbol interference (ISI), degrades the error performance of the communication system. There are two major ways to mitigate the detrimental effect of ISI. The first method is to design bandlimited transmission pulses which minimize the the 1 For simplicity, all the signals considered in this chapter are real baseband signals. All the developments here can, of course, be generalized to bandpass signals using either the real bandpass representation or the complex baseband representation. 4.1 Wong & Lok: Theory of Digital Communications 4. ISI & Equalization effect of ISI. We will describe such a design for the simple case of bandlimited channels. The ISIfree pulses obtained are called the Nyquist pulses. The second method is t...
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