Looks the nyquist condition cannot be satised and isi

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Unformatted text preview: ܴص. The Nyquist condition in (4.6) is equivalent to the condition ÜÆ ´Øµ Æ ´Øµ or Æ ´ µ ½ in frequency domain. Now, by employing (4.8), we get ½ Ò Ò Ì ½ This is the equivalent Nyquist condition in frequency domain. It says that the folded spectrum of ܴص has to be flat for not having ISI. ´ µ ¼ for When the channel is bandlimited to Ï Hz, i.e., Ï , the Nyquist condition has the following implications: ¯ ¾Ï . Then, the folded spectrum Ƚ ½ ´ Ò There are gaps between copies of ´ µ. No matter how ½ Suppose that the symbol rate is so high that Ì Ò Ì µ looks like the one in Figure 4.3. ´ µ looks, the Nyquist condition cannot be satisfied and ISI is inevitable. ¯ ½ Suppose that the symbol rate is slower so that Ì È their neighbors. The folded spectrum ½ ½ ´ Ò ´µ ¾Ï . Then, copies of ´ µ can just touch Ò Ì µ is flat if and only if Ì for Ï ¼ for otherwise (4.10) The corresponding time domain function is the sinc pulse ܴص sinc´ 4.5 Ø...
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