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Chapter 13 Nanotechnology – ability to create manmade structures just a few billionths of a meter in size Technology – broad term referring to knowledge and use of humanity’s tools and crafts Telecommunications – the transmission of information over great distances Information society – this phase emphasizes the use and transfer of knowledge and information rather than manual skill. Cyber space – an electronic network of linked systems Biotechnology – a technological application that uses biological systems or living organisms to make or modify products or processes for specific use. Generally applied to argriculture, food science, and medicine. E-commerce – electronic business exchanges consisting of buying an selling goods and
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Unformatted text preview: services electronically via the Internet Internet global electronic communications network linking individuals and organizations Blogs web-based journals or logs Vlogs Video web logs Spam unsolicited e-mails (or junk e-mails) sent in bulk to valid e-mail accounts Phishing the practice of duping computer users into revealing their passwords or other private data under false pretenses M-Commerce commerce conducted via mobile or cellular telephones, provides consumers with an electronic wallet when using their cell phones Digital Divide the gap between those who have technology and those who do not...
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